This is Sparta! This broody theme features a rugged spartan helmet on the lockscreen and background. It has subdued metallic and ruddy colours.

Rose gold Owl

This rose gold theme features an ornate drawing of an owl on the lockscreen. The background has a mandala in the same style as the lockscreen.

Astronaut Balloons

This fun theme features an astronaut floating in space holding the planets like balloons. It has soft colours in the user interface with predominantly orange and lavendar themes prevailing.

Gorilla Workout

Do you even lift bro? This theme features a gorilla in the middle of a workout.

Memento Mori

This dark theme features an image of death on the background. It has brooding red minimalist icons.

River Valley

This theme has seven lockscreens featuring tranquil river scenes. It has fresh icons decorated with spring themes.

Exotic Butterfly

This exotic theme features a colourful butterfly on the background. It has green jungle themed icons.

Moon Dog

This fun theme has predominantly dark backgrounds with colourful text. The background features a fun image of a dog sitting on the moon.

Classic Floral

This elegant floral theme has three lockscreen patterns. It uses silver icons and subdued tones in a classic appeal.

Stay Strong

This elegant theme uses soft backgrounds and gentle colours. It features a line drawing of an elephant on the background that is rendered in a manner reminiscent of the mandala style

London Skyline

This subdued theme features the silhoutte of a London bobby on the lockscreen. A colourful London skyline decorates the silhouette. Gold icons and a soft background will help your phone look elegant and sophisiticated.

Yoga pug

This soft pink theme features a pug performing yoga on the background. It has minimalist scarlet red icons that are easy to read.